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Reducing risks & finding value for companies and communities

Sustainable Flows helps managers improve financial and ecosystem services flows by developing strategies to better manage risk and opportunities related to the natural environment.

Linking local expertise to global best practices

Managing risks and opportunities from the natural environment requires strong local knowledge and the most appropriate approaches from around the globe. Sustainable Flows help managers find right approach and mix of experts.

Corporate Natural Capital Accounting (CNCA)

Effectively measure nature for decision making
CNCA classifies data so that it can be better compared and integrated into decisions making across business units, supply chains and used in forecasting. READ MORE >>

Water, ecosystem services, & adaptation to climate change

Identifying new threats and opportunities
Our customizable WeBES Analysis provides managers custom tailored approaches for identifying, measuring and integrating ecosystem services and climate change risk analysis into corporate strategy, products & services and site management.

Biological Diversity Protocol

Taking proven concepts to scale
The BD Protocol is a standardized approach to account for and consolidate biodiversity information on an organizations’ impacts and dependencies on ecosystems and species. READ  MORE>>

Environmental markets

Developing and brokering access to revenue & risk reduction
Sustainable Flows helps stakeholders improve PES and environmental markets and strategies to profit from them.

Science Based Targets for Nature (SBTN)

Setting goals and aligning internal drivers of change
Sustainable Flows helps corporations develop targets for water, land, biodiversity, oceans and climate by applying data classification and  monitoring protocols, conducting best in class analysis and integrating this knowledge into corporate processes and procedures. Our work goes beyond support with corporate policy, to help managers translate these goals into business unit, product and even individual performance metrics.

Natural capital valuation

Valuing nature for improved risk analysis
Sustainable Flows blends the most appropriate ecosystem modeling, mapping and valuation approaches to help businesses and governments better understand the tradeoffs in the provision of ecosystem services associated with their decisions. READ MORE>>

Service Sectors

Sustainable Flows