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Improving efficacy of EIA approaches

Next Generation EIAs support managers in reducing business risk, speeding project approval and meeting emerging standards. By integrating biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES) analysis, Next Generation EIAs target the most material environmental aspects without incurring additional costs for the analysis.

Shortcomings of “traditional” EIAs

EIA standards are changing because traditional practices do not effectively:

Benefits of Next Generation EIAs

Next Generation EIAs do not entail additional analysis. They focus on the most financially important and effective measurements of risks. Next Generation EIAs deliver improved project design that results in better:

As a result, projects are implemented more efficiently and have fewer risks.

EIA practices are evolving, increasingly including analysis of risk related to ecosystem services and climate change, among other issues. Next Generation EIAs provide innovative practices that help projects move quickly through the approval process while minimizing costs and risks.


Our team’s EIA services can be tailored to fit your project needs, employing:

Comprehensive EIAs
Support for ongoing EIAs
Reviews of draft and final EIAs


The following organizations comprise the Next Generation EIA team: esg

EcoMetrix Solutions Group

EcoMetrix Solutions Group (ESG) specializes in integrating ecosystem services into decision-making processes through the use of our suite of decision support tools, including EcoMetrix. We measure change in ecosystem performance at a project scale, quantifying ecosystem services in scientifically-based, repeatable units of measure so clients can see the impacts and benefits of their decisions. We work with clients to understand the potential for projects to impact ecosystem functional performance and ecosystem services, and initiate studies of sites and future activities based on data collected in the field.


www.parametrix.comParametrix was founded in 1969 to help clients plan for, design, and build infrastructure. Addressing environmental regulations associated with this infrastructure quickly became a core business practice. In our 43-year history, Parametrix has helped clients complete more than 400 environmental impact statements, environmental assessments, and biological assessments/biological evaluations. We have also worked on more than 40 projects internationally, ranging from water risk assessments in Sydney to an ecosystem services assessment completed in parallel with an EIA process in the country of Georgia.


www.ibaris.comIrbaris is a strategic sustainability consulting firm that helps clients understand and respond to the commercial, regulatory and policy impacts of environmental issues. Our multidisciplinary experts advise major international companies, investors and public sector organizations on managing long term risk and uncertainty, to identify and direct resources to areas of material risk and on enhancing actions based on valuation and green economics risks.