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Science Based Targets for Nature (SBTN)

Only now is there concerted effort to develop global targets for maintaining nature’s functions upon which human well-being and business performance depends. SBTN provide methods for translating these global targets to individual corporate targets. The 1.5 degree increase in global temperatures is one such target that is translated into a corporate level through three alternate methods. This is corporate target, in turn, allows companies to drive change knowing that it will reduce regulatory uncertainty, increase investor confidence, drive innovation and improve corporate competitiveness.

Target setting methods are now being develop for land, water, biodiversity & oceans. These targets rest on global planetary boundaries concepts shown in this figure:

Planetary Boundaries Figure

Please see this brief summary of the method.

The journey begins today with an analysis of your companies’ SBTN governance systems, baseline assessments, goal setting and by taking ”no regret” actions.

Additional resources can be found below.

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SBTN administration  

The Science Based Targes Network, a child project of the Global Commons Alliance, manages SBTN and its global network of partners and stakeholders. Together they are will defining science based targets for nature for companies and cities. This complement the work of the Science Based Targets initiative that is focused on climate.

While these groups finalize methods for all SBTN through 2022, is much that can start today.

Begin your journey

Please contact Sustainable Flows today to start your:

  1. SBTN governance benchmarking to determine if the right systems and procedures are in place
  2. Initial data collection and data gap analysis to demonstrate efficacy and build motivation
  3. Start prioritization and actions while also mapping stakeholders
  4. Conduct baseline assessments for advanced methods such as water and land extent
  5. Set corporate SBTNgoals, to the extent possible
  6. Take “no regrets” actions

These steps build on existing efforts and can be implemented quickly. They will set your company apart from those waiting for completed methods to even begin.


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