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Support for Business

Business tools and practices are constantly evolving, requiring that managers keep abreast of innovations and know which approaches are best suited for their organization. Through custom designed engagements, Sustainable Flows provides the best mix of approaches to meet short and long term objectives. This is enabled by drawing from local and international experts that are most suited for the firms’ chosen approach.

Training is a central component of Sustainable Flows’ work. We ensure that our engagements leave clients with new skills and improved business processes. Sustainable Flows staff developed the first business and ecosystem training and continues refining its formal and informal approaches.


Water, biodiversity & ecosystem services are critical to business success but often not fully considered in corporate strategy. Through unique screening tools, mega-trends analysis and management reviews, managers can better address gaps in their company’s strategy.

Product Development

Sustainable Flows helps improve management of risks and opportunities related to water, biodiversity & ecosystem services at the product level by integrating new components into business processes including environmental management systems, life cycle assessments, and product development standards.

Site Management

With the growth of revenue and risk reduction opportunities at corporate sites, Sustainable Flows provides turnkey analysis to improve urban and rural land management by identifying the best strategies. In addition, Sustainable Flows helps create value at the landscape level through appropriate use of “net positive impact” analysis.

Corporate Ecosystem Services Review (ESR)

Sustainable Flows staff helped developed the ESR, and its companion–the CEV, and has worked with over scored of firms to integrate ecosystem services into corporate decision making. As a result companies reduced risks, realized new business opportunities and improved the environment. We continue to improve this method, allowing managers to access the latest thinking within a proven method.

Corporate Ecosystem Valuation (CEV)

Businesses face environmental risks and opportunities related to their dependence and impacts on the natural environment. Sustainable Flows helps managers integrate the values of the natural environment into their environmental impact assessments, land and water management, business continuity efforts, supply chain, climate adaptation strategies and other critical decisions.

Coalition Building

Sustainable Flows helps companies build partnerships with one another, governments and civil society to improve management of ecosystems and the services they provide.