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JohnF_photo  John Finisdore, Founding Partner

Washington, DC  and Melbourne, Australia


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John is a Founding Partner at Sustainable Flows and is focused on improving organizational performance through strategic action around biodiversity & ecosystem services, water, adaptation to climate change, and economic growth. 

Recently John has been promoting ecosystem services classification systems with a recent white paper and supporting the development of The Biodiversity Protocol.  

John led the World Resources Institute’s Business & Ecosystem Services Project, helping its corporate partners develop strategies, policies and new markets for ecosystem services. In this role he was coauthor of the Corporate Ecosystem Services Review and contributed to The Guide to Corporate Ecosystem Valuation and TEEB for Business and Enterprise. He conducted ecosystem based risk assessments with over 50 Fortune 500 caliber firms. 


Dr.  Anthony Dvarskas, Senior Consultant,     Natural Capital Accounts,

Anthony supports our natural capital accounting work. Anthony is Chief Environmental Scientist at Office of the New York State Attorney General and an adjunct professor in the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook University where he launched marine economic efforts and researched a range of approaches related to the valuation and systematic characterization of ecosystem services. This includes the development of natural capital accounts for pilot locations on Long Island, New York and evaluation of impacts of Superstorm Sandy and similar weather events on natural capital, ecosystem service flows, and community resilience. Prior to that, he held posts at the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the United Nations Statistics Division’s Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) Unit, and the World Resources Institute (WRI). His work focuses on developing approaches for linking biophysical functions to human behavior and integrating the value of nature into national accounts and environmental decision making.

Anthony developed economic approaches for valuing natural resource impacts from contamination and oil spill events, which supported successful settlement of Natural Resource Damage Assessment cases. He also developed models relating tourism to water quality impacts that have informed those involved in water management decisions in Croatia. Anthony has been closely involved in policy discussions related to the integration of ecosystem services into decision making through development of an accounting framework and the establishment of approaches for more fully assessing the benefits of coastal restoration activities.




Sustainable Flows LLC is a Limited Liability Company registered in Delaware, USA and Victoria, Australia.